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Great time fishing the Huk Big Fish Classic

Great time fishing the Huk Big Fish Classic! Weighed a 355# blue marlin, released a blue marlin, 3 white marlin, and a spearfish, for a grand slam and took 3rd place overall!

We lure fished the whole time and the raise: hookup: release ratio is significantly lower with lures, but had some really cool bites. The first day we were chugging along with lures out and I look onto my right side Squidnation teaser and theres a rat blue marlin. Throw a pitch bait and as the pitch bait hits the water, I see a second blue marlin on my left teaser. Theres a pair of blue marlins on my teasers and they wont bite a ballyhoo pitch bait on a circle hook, so I lift the teasers out of the water and both blue marlins hookup on the plugs beside the teasers. I put her in a circle and start clearing my stuff and my long rigger hooks up. 3 blue Marlins hooked up. Crank in the other longrigger and a blue marlin is chasing that that bait but fades in and out and no hookup. I didn't have time to mess with him though because I have 3 blue marlins hooked up going separate directions. 4 blue marlins seen at once hook 3 on plugs. The one I hooked up top came off when I tried to pass the rod down. The two downstairs crossed each other and one pulled off and we caught one. They were rats and it was really hard to keep them buckled up on the plugs but we caught one and it was really cool having 4 blue marlins at once up behind the boat.

We pulled a nice blue marlin off early on, caught some whites, caught a shortbill spearfish about 10 minutes before we hooked the blue marlin we weighed in, and caught the first grand slam for Underdog Sport Fishing Charters, also first blue marlin decked on the underdog for us.

Altogether it was super fun fishing, the weather was bad most of the time, but nonetheless, great crew. Jorge L. Rivera did a great job in the chair. Congrats on your blue marlin boss and thank you to Jorge and the tournament directors and staff at big fish classic for putting on the event.

Good luck to everyone fishing white marlin open next week!